Jumping around on a Niner RIP 9 RDO!


Air Canada Cycles Los Angeles!


Everyone loves our kits!

Ride in Peace Richy.

One last ride with Richy

from The Sleepers on Vimeo.


We’ll be closing at 5PM today Sep. 4th…

and will stay closed through Labor Day!

See everyone on Tuesday!

Just had a Bill Rider in here!

Bill Rider started building frames eight years ago after retiring from a career as a construction materials engineer, wanting to take his love of cycling to another

level. He became enamored with lugged

steel bicycles after visiting a booth at the Los Angeles Bicycle Expo several years ago. After taking courses in bicycle repair, frame design, and lugged/brazed frame building, he set up a workshop and started to build frames.

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Last weekend with Sim Works in a nutshell!

Sim Works Pop Up Weekend at GSC! from Golden Saddle

Cyclery on Vimeo.

Sim Works Pop-Up This Weekend!

We definitely rolled deep!

For the past 25 some-odd years, the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association has claimed Henninger Flats as the official, yet unofficial campground for cycling enthusiasts in Los Angeles. In that time, various events have brought men and women to its cliff’s edge overlook of the city to share stories and bond. The great outdoors are like that.

So when Swift Industries announced the Swift Summer Solstice Campout again this year, Golden Saddle Cyclery, along with Ray

and some MWBA OGs proposed

Henninger be the destination. It’d be a perfect way to introduce

bicycle campers, bicycle tourers and bike packers to this age-old tradition. Think about it this way: for as long as mountain biking has been a thing, people have been bicycle camping up here!

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