We’re closed today(4th of July)!

Happy Fourth of July!

We’ll be closing early(6PM) on Friday the 3rd to ride bikes with friends and then we’ll be closed all day on the fourth to do more bike riding and hanging with friends!

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We’ll see everyone on Sunday!

Looking good Ian!

Southern California knows how to party!

Get pitted, so pitted on the White Rim Trail!

When Golden Saddle Cyclery first opened one of our customers told me about a 100 mile bike ride in the Island In The Sky portion of Canyonlands National Park. I had just been in the park a week before, but without a bike so I was especially interested in hearing about the ride. As a big fan of the area, and the desert in general, I returned for a handful of visits before finally bringing along a bike this past March. And let me tell you, it wasn’t until riding the White Rim Trail that I felt like I had really experienced this magnificent place.

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Stormpocalypse with Kitsbow!

During a road trip to Los Angeles, the sunshine capital of the Golden State, our scheduled trail ride with Golden Saddle Cyclery conjured images of urban footpaths, blistering sun, and less-than-satisfying mellow terrain. After an hour’s drive into the dark, moody San Gabriels, we had an experience that upended our expectations.

More on Kyle’s trip @ The Radavist!

More Pizza Races!!!

This is why we carry Kitsbow!

Anyone see Ty in there?

MAVIC® TRANS-PROVENCE 2015 /// DAY ZERO from Trans-Provence on Vimeo.

MAVIC® TRANS-PROVENCE 2015 /// DAY 1 from Trans-Provence on Vimeo.

MAVIC® TRANS-PROVENCE 2015 /// DAY 2 from Trans-Provence on Vimeo.

Hope you’re feeling sick this Thursday!

LA Ride Details: 8AM GSC

LOS ANGELES ROAD RIDE DETAILS (Silverlake)- Our LA #GetSickDay ride will be leaving Golden Saddle Cyclery promptly at 8am for a quick coffee stop. Then we will be heading to Malibu Creek State Park by way of Dirt Mulholland for some swimmin’ hole action. Road bikes and road tires will be fine but wider tires (like 28mm) would be a much funner option for the dirt. Make sure to bring Two Big Bottles, Sunblock, Food, A Tube and Your Best :)

Thank you again to our buddies Ace & Mick from Trophy Club for the magically animated kick ass flyer!

Words from Team Dream Bicycling Team!

The ROS 9+ is so jamming!!!

The White Rim Trail in Utah’s Canyonlands NP has been on my radar for awhile. I imagined I would do it on a cross bike, carrying only the necessary food and water, one small camera and riding from the early morning to early evening. The reality ended up being quite a bit different. I rolled out on a Mid-Fat outfitted with custom bike bags, carrying 7 liters of water and enough food to feed a kindergarten class for two days! Shit… I even brought an abnormally large camera (at least for me) in addition to my standard point and shoot just because there was still room in the bags. I was rolling in luxury and the bike that made that possible was the Niner ROS 9+!

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