Bike to the Bowl!

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And don’t forget Bike to the Pixies!

Hippie Daredevils!

“No one thought I should have been the guy to win their race.”

-Alan Bonds

On October 21, 1976, a small group of cyclists and a dog named Junior gathered on Carson Ridge, which rises just west of Fairfax, California. It was mid-morning and the sky was bright blue, a beautiful day for racing 50-pound vintage Schwinn Excelsior clunkers down Cascade Canyon Road, whose winding dirt surface plunges 1,300 feet in less than two miles, past serpentine outcrops, low-lying chaparral, and scattered oaks on its way to the confluence of San Anselmo and Cascade creeks.

Among the bike riders assembled that Thursday morning, at an hour when most folks were dutifully toiling at their boring 9-to-5s, was Fred Wolf, an early off-road cyclist, and owner of Junior the dog; Charlie Kelly, a roadie for a beloved local rock band called the Sons of Champlin; Larry and Wende Cragg, who carried her trusty Nikkormat 35mm camera almost everywhere; and an airbrush artist and vintage-bicycle customizer named Alan Bonds, whose recorded time of 5 minutes and 12 seconds that day (average speed, about 23 mph) was good enough to take first place in a race that quickly became known around the world as Repack.

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For Rockin’ Only!

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Our buddy Geoff draws rad stuff!

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SoCal Cross GSC Happy Hour is tomorrow!

This was right before Gary Fisher said…

“I’m the most famous mountain biker ever to live.”

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Not sure if that’s true, but he sure knows how to look the part!


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Little bit of GSC in the Blackburn booth at Interbike!


Looking good Eiry!

We hope you’re doing ok and we wish you a speedy recovery!

This is unbelievable!

Neko Mulally set off out of the start gate on his run and managed to snap his chain on pretty much his first pedal stroke. Under any normal circumstances that would be game over, and even the commentators had already written him off, but then somehow he managed to be the fastest at the first split, and even more incredibly he managed to eventually cross the finish line in the lead!

Ty and Kyle are heading to the woods…

with Acre and Mission Workshop for some mountain biking before Interbike!


Impossible Project has supplied them with a whole lot of film for the journey, and all the photos they take along the way will be displayed at the MW and Acre booth at Interbike. Thursday night we’ll be throwing a party at the booth as well, we’ll have a photo-booth setup and will be serving up bourbon and lemonade to the masses!

Ty, and Kyle will be taking over the Acre Supply and Mission Workshop Instagrams as well, so definitely follow along.