Six Days of the Trans-Provence with…

Ty and ACRE Supply!

The word terroir roughly translates as, “a sense of place,” and refers to a distinct set of characteristics that makes a place different from all others. The Trans-Provence is hosted in the South of France by Ash Smith and a small army of regulars supporting no more than 80 riders on this annual six-day race. The topography of Alpes-Maritimes range is known for its height and severity, but the region is tempered by it’s proximity to the sea. The race starts in the rural Sasse Valley and winds through almost 300 Km of terrain to finish in Menton, a resort town on the edge of the Mediterranean. The trails, like the architecture, range from modern to ancient. Some of the routes were made by the Romans, others pass by abandoned bunkers from the second World War. Each factor contributes a piece to the experience that is the Trans-Provence and what can only be described as one of the most unique and challenging mountain races in the world.

ACRE / Mission Workshop team rider Ty Hathaway walked away as the top American finisher at the 2014 Trans Provence. Below are some images from his experience.


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GRIFFITH CROSS 2010 Day 2 from mark colton on Vimeo.

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