This is going to be so much fun!


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Cross is coming!

Dreaming of Cyclocross from Velocity USA on Vimeo.

When your training rides are every bit as intense as race day, you need wheels that can hold up to the abuse. Velocity wheels can deliver race performance every day.
Watch Velocity sponsored rider Matt Acker on a cyclocross inspired commute through Grand Rapids riding Velocity Ailerons.
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Black Fruit – "Three Pears"
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Grand Rapids, Michigan

Austin Russell

Chicken Hawk Looking Good!

Los Angeles’ eco-friendly and efficient bicycle delivery service.


Wet Weather Training With LA Sweat + Team Dream from Ass Savers on Vimeo.

Great work Team Dream Bicycling Team!


Photo by Jarrod Bunk!

Lend a helping hand…

How Do You Support Your Favorite Ride? from IMBA on Vimeo.

Have you ever wondered how…

to tip your Bicycle Mechanic?


Christian Grahn from the Hives…

knows what’s up!

“I was the type of kid who practically lived on my bike. I joined my brother when he raced his friends, my bike painted in white with ‘Van Halen’ written in blue.”

Despite the fact that The Hives drummer Christian Grahn, 35, grew up among bikes, and despite his artist name being Chris Dangerous, his attitude towards becoming a cyclist as an adult was somewhat humble.

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SWAT // Mountain Mash from Matt Irwin on Vimeo.

Swift Campout with Frontage Roads and us!

This past weekend Golden Saddle Cyclery hosted one of the #swiftcampout rides. I was lucky enough to be involved in it in a small part. We met at the shop and then made our way up to Mt. Lowe Trail Camp, about 5,000 feet above Los Angeles. We had two route options, one more dirt and one less dirt, and Kyle led one and I led the other. My route was up the Angeles Crest and it was long and hard. Yeah, I just said that. Long. And. Hard.

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