Last weekend with Sim Works in a nutshell!

Sim Works Pop Up Weekend at GSC! from Golden Saddle

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Sim Works Pop-Up This Weekend!

We definitely rolled deep!

For the past 25 some-odd years, the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association has claimed Henninger Flats as the official, yet unofficial campground for cycling enthusiasts in Los Angeles. In that time, various events have brought men and women to its cliff’s edge overlook of the city to share stories and bond. The great outdoors are like that.

So when Swift Industries announced the Swift Summer Solstice Campout again this year, Golden Saddle Cyclery, along with Ray and some MWBA OGs proposed Henninger be the destination. It’d be a perfect way to introduce

bicycle campers, bicycle tourers and bike packers to this age-old tradition. Think about it this way: for as long as mountain biking has been a thing, people have been bicycle camping up here!

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Tomorrow June 25th, 2016!

Who’s ready for the GSC chapter of the Swift Industries Campout this weekend in LA!?!? We know we are! We’d like for everyone to meet at the bike shop on June 25th around 2 and we’ll be rolling out around 3. There will be short stops for food and maybe a drink while we meander to the base of the mountains. We’ll be then taking the Mt. Wilson Toll Road up to Henninger Flats for the night!!! There is a 3 1/2 mile dirt road up to the campground, so bring to bike you feel most comfortable riding off-road.

TDBT & GSC Summer Solstice Full Moon Ride!


Sean Talkington from Team Dream Bicycle Team and Ringtail loves night rides…as you can see from this photo! So who wants to go on a ride

with this cutie and our friend Nathan Carbello tonight? Info below…

LETS RIDE SOME MOUNTAINS TONIGHT!!! Today is supposed to be 108 degrees in East Los Angeles🔥…Today is also Summer Solstice 🌞…and on top of that a full moon as well 🌝! This only happens once every 50ish years! The last Summer Solstice/Full Moon took place in the summer of 1967 which was coined “The Summer of Love”. Lets make 2016 the “Summer of the #ChubbyBobcat” & get hella groovy up on Mt D! Riding up Highway 2 to Mt Disappointment from the Cub House at 6:45pm! Or meet up and ride from Golden Saddle Cyclery at 6pm! (Remember…Bring Lights!)

Roll With It…

World Premiere!

16th Annual LA River Ride this weekend!

Everybody have everything they

need for the 16th annual LA River Ride? We’re going to donate some tubes to Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition, but we’d recommend everyone

have their own flat kit! We’ll see everyone Sunday!

More info on the LA River Ride…HERE!

A little recap of the last Sunday Social…

at Komorebi’s website!

Late last month, I took the Komorebi show on the road down to Los Angeles, CA! The invite had been extended by Jen Abercrombie, who manages the Sunday Social series held at Golden Saddle Cyclery. The Sunday Social is a great monthly event that invites ladies to take over the shop and hang out, share snacks and stories, and encourage each other to ride bikes!

But, before the event, there was time to ride! Although I’ve often traveled through L.A. on my way to visit family who live north out of town, I’d never had the chance to spend any leisure time or ride bikes in the city. We’ve all heard #lasucksforcycling – I would judge the hashtag’s merits for myself!

I flew into LA on Saturday morning, settled into Jen’s delightful AirBnB space and rebuilt my bike (which I had shipped) in her lush courtyard. That afternoon, I road over to Golden Saddle Cyclery to meet the crew. It had been a long while since I’ve just hung out at a shop for hours, drinking beer and talking bikes, bikes, bikes. It turned into a bit of a party (blame it on The Club) that kept right on going past closing time. A night ride was suggested – a pedal up to Griffith Park to enjoy the full moon – so our group of seven got ourselves and our bikes ready to ride in the dark. A quick but punchy climb up to the blacktop provided a great spot to hang out and enjoy the view of the city’s billions of twinkling lights spread out around us. There was great conversation, photos were snapped, another beer drank, then a rowdy decesent to the local burrito spot. A pretty perfect night spent with friends on bikes – they don’t get much better!

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Bye bye Cori!


for Impact:


girl, a van and a whole lot of Salsa. from cori pep on Vimeo.

Santa Monica’s Savvy…

Multimodalism Shows Moxie!

Santa Monica's Savvy Multimodalism Shows Moxie from STREETFILMS on Vimeo.

Just in the last six months they have launched both Breeze bike share and opened the Expo rail line to downtown Los Angeles which cuts travel times from an hour and a half by bus to 50 minutes. (Personal note: after spending the day shooting this story I endured a 2 hour and 15 minute bus ride back to L.A.’s Union Station. So at rush hour it can be even more tortuous than that!) The Breeze bike share was my first experience with the smart bike program and it was easy to use and comfortable.

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