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Another Sunday Social!

Join us for Head to Toe: Fit and Technology of Helmets and Shoes. It’s the second edition of Sunday Social, a series of women’s events at Golden Saddle Cyclery. Come hang out, have a drink, and meet some other ladies who ride. This time around, Amanda Schaper of Giro will walk us through women’s and unisex cycling shoes, and the differences between them. We will also learn about MIPS helmet technology, which can keep you safer in a crash, but perhaps most exciting thing you’ll see are halter bib shorts, so you can actually pee during a ride without removing your jersey! Women only please. Bring a cup for beverages and a pair of socks you ride in to try on some shoes. See you at the shop!

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Ty’s Big Bender!

Jesse and I had spoken of this trip before but never really had a set date or year or season or route, just thought it would be cool to do. So when he said, “I think I am going to go next week,” not only was I in the position to say yes, it is also sort of against my best interest to say no to Jesse- every trip we do, no matter how big or small, is always pure gold. You don’t just say no to that kind of stuff. It’s not too often I get along with people so well that we can do basically any trip and come out on the other side still psyched to be around one another. I decided it would be easier logistically for me to just say fuck it and drive to Big Bend State Park rather than fly to Austin, build a bike, and still have to drive to Big Bend. The idea of driving all that way on my own was very attractive at the moment- all that freedom, all that time to myself- but damn, I could really use this.

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RIP Lemmy!

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Happy New Year everyone and we’ll see you all on Saturday!

Remember that time we sold a bike to Ninja!

Photos by John Watson!