Closed for Easter!

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We’ll see everyone Monday!

The PDX Super Swap is this weekend!

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Ty took all kinds great stuff up with him!

Hans on The Radavist!

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Hans lives in Los Angeles and last year his wife bought him a Rock Lobster cross bike with a few added braze-ons. Hans and I spoke a lot about brake and tire options and it seems like he’s finally got his setup dialed in. One morning, as we were finishing up a MTB ride on Brown in LA, Hans went rolling by on his bike. I yelled “HANSSSSSSSS!” and he came scooting by, so I shot some photos with my Mamiya 7ii and earlier this week, I finally got them developed, prompting me to interview him with a few simple questions.

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Salsa Demo Days in SoCal!

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The Dirty Hundo video!

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Mudfoot Presents: The Dirty Hundo from Golden Saddle Cyclery on Vimeo.

Also checkout the…

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The Dirty Hundo writeup and pictures on The Radavist!

Chris Skogen (the organizer of the Almanzo Gravel 100) once said, “If only 10 percent of the people racing Almanzo would organize and throw a grassroots race, we would have a race to go to every weekend of the year.” It was the spirit of that statement that originally sparked the idea for the Mudfoot Hump Hundred last year and brought it back again this year.

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Checkout this video Ty made…

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on riding the Old Mojave Road!

Tytanium MojaveRoad from Tytanium on Vimeo.

There is also a small write up and some amazing images over at The Radavist!

Closed Sunday for CicLAvia!

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More info on the event…HERE!

See you guys out there!

This weekend in Los Angeles!

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This one’s for you Bob!

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Cork Grips!