Peak to Peak in the Cascades!


In the Cascade Range of the Pacific Northwest, a handful of hardcore ski mountaineers have linked ascents of active volcanoes – climbing up and skiing down behemoths like 14,411-foot Mount Rainier, 12,281-foot Mount Adams, and 8,365-foot Mount St. Helens – all in the same trip. But they use cars to get from one volcano to the next. Brody Leven intends to ride his bike, towing his gear behind him. If successful, he’ll be the first person to bag a ski mountaineering trifecta in the Cascade Volcanic Arch that’s not only 100-percent human-powered, but also fully self-supported…

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Field-trip anyone?

Rad bikeLA stickers by Karina Macias!


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Can the Tour de France help improve…

the secondary status of women’s pro sport markets?

Extensive media coverage providing viewers with live up-close, aerial and interactive GPS footage will follow the men’s professional peloton attacking climbs, chasing breakaways, carving out high speed descents, racing the clock, and sprinting for glory. As the racers rack up nearly 2,300 miles on cobblestones, in the Pyrenees, on flats, and along coastal regions, there is an equally important story about women’s racing that requires telling.

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This article was written by one of our awesome customers, thanks for sharing Rook!

Nice shirt Eiry!

LA Explorers Club Rides!


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Local Bike Shops, endangered species?


I can’t tell you how many times my bacon has been saved by some scruffy shop rat with encyclopedic knowledge of suspension fork innards and a willingness to stay at work a half hour late if that’s what it took to unearth a rare replacement spoke. But one day, my bacon will need saving, and I’m going to have a hard time finding anyone to help me save it. Bike shops, like all small brick and mortar operations, are in serious trouble these days.

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We’ll be closing early tomorrow…

for the DTLA Wolfpack Criterium. Qualifiers start at 3, so that’s when we’ll be shutting the doors and heading down. If you wanna ride down there with us, come by around 3.


Wolfpack Hustle Criterium July 12th. from Wolfpack Hustle on Vimeo.

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Be back to normal hours on Sunday!

Who likes climbing?

The JYD is coming!

The JYD: Run Through The Jungle from Brendan Lauer on Vimeo.

Tara and the Fireflies!

One of our favorite customers just got back from France for the 2014 Fireflies ride!

You ask, “Why is she one of your favorite customers?” Well…here is the ANSWER!

This work too, Tara rode for 8 days, 1,126km and climbed 25,470m! Read more about Tara’s Fireflies experience and see more pictures…HERE!