This one’s for you Bob!

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Cork Grips!

PNT Magazine visits GSC!

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More images…HERE!

Dirty Hundo goods at the shop…

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day of ride. I hear there will be something special for all the participants as well!

This weekend at Golden Saddle Cyclery!

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Kyle will be out of town…..

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He will be back on Monday as long as Tom doesn’t want his jet back before then.

If you were ever wondering…

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about those sweet orange bikes in the alleyway!

As most you know by now, I got to be part of a very fun project with the Mudfoot crew, and I have had a lot of questions coming my way about the frames. So here’s a little insight on the builds, the bikes and the riders.

I’ve been pretty lucky to be surrounded and influenced by the dudes over at Golden Saddle. They are a great group and have supported me a lot as I have grown. Its been a fun ride so far. So when Ty asked me last year to build up some team bikes for the 2013-2014 CX season, it was hard to say no. At first I didn’t really know what was going to come of it, but I knew it would be something special.

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What do we have here?

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Looks like Team Dream Bicycling Team used one of our original kits in their new Trucker Hat shoot!

You ever ridden with Ty?

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Ultraromance for Team Dream Bicycling Team at GSC!

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BREAKING NEWS- Provocative Photos of Instagram Superhunk Surface!

Los Angeles is a city. A tough city. A city that pulls in young vibrantly ambitious male models, willing to do (literally) anything to make a buck (or a free t-shirt in this case) and get their name out. These men are are consistently treated like pieces of hot bearded meat, all the while trading their sexuality in hopes of one day making it “Tracko Big”. “Its sick and its cruel but that’s just the way it goes in this dirty bitch town”, says former sex god & male model turned internet bicycle legand Sheldon Brown. Mr. Hollywood Ultra Romance is no exception to this rule as these new photos are the most recent in a long line of sultry images to have recently “popped up”.

New Team Dream Bicycling Team gear…HERE!