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GSC Sunday Social! This Sunday!

Join us for Bikepacking: Camp with your Bicycle. It’s our third installment of Sunday Social, a series of women’s events at Golden Saddle Cyclery. Come hang out, have a drink, and meet some other ladies who ride. This time around, Jocelyn Gaudi of Komorebi Cycling Team from Portland, Oregon will walk us through bikepacking basics and share her experiences as a mountain bike skills teacher and bikepacking ride leader. There will be a short talk and plenty of time to socialize with friends, check out some gear, and ask questions. You’ll learn about bag and rack options for carrying stuff on your bike, what to bring, plus tips and tricks for packing light and staying safe. Beginners welcome! Women only please. Bring your own cup for beverages. See you at the shop!

Closing early tomorrow…

for shop camp out!

See everyone up in the mountains!

Colin Bogart on the Climate Ride!

When Kyle at Golden Saddle Cyclery agreed to sponsor me for Climate Ride 2015, he handed me a cheap, disposable camera, asked me to take pictures, and then bring the camera back. “Sure,” I agreed, as I tossed it into my bag. Soon after that, I was off to northern California to ride from Fortuna to San Francisco, 300 miles in 5 days, to raise money for Climate Ride and the Los Angeles County Bicycle Coalition. Climate Ride organizes rides to help raise money for various environmental and advocacy organizations and LACBC is a non-profit working to make Los Angeles County a safe, healthy, and fun place to ride a bike. Full disclosure, LACBC is also my employer, but I still had to raise at least $2,800 to do the ride.

I’ve only done a few multi-day rides in my life; one along the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon with Adventure Cycling Association and one with Aids Life Cycle in 2003, riding from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Climate

Ride was right up there on the scale of rides through beautiful, jaw-dropping landscapes with amazing people. There really is nothing like experiencing the beauty of this planet than from the saddle of a bicycle. It’s not just what you see, but what you hear, smell and feel. Prior to Climate Ride, I’d never ridden the California coast north of San Francisco, so I was super excited to do this ride AND raise money by doing it. What a win win!!

Now it’s almost a year later and Team LACBC is once again heading to NorCal for Climate Ride 2016. This time I’m staying in LA so a few of my co-workers can do the ride. Not surprisingly, ALL of us at LACBC want to do Climate Ride, but we can’t all go at once. Someone’s got to answer the phones in LA. This time we have a team that is more representative of LA’s population, an intentional result of LACBC’s Diversity Initiative. Our team members are training and fundraising right now. All of them are excited about the ride and I’m excited for them. I know it will be fantastic and I think for many of them, it will be a life-changing event.

It took a while, but I finally got to see those plastic camera photos recently. We’ve grown accustomed to taking digital photos and looking at them

right away, then fixing them if we don’t like what we see. Taking pictures with Kyle’s camera reminded me of my childhood when I took pictures with film using a boxy camera I’d found in the trash behind our apartment building. I thought more about the photos I was taking and felt a sense of anticipation when taking each shot – hoping they’d look okay. Looking at them now, I’m amused by how I staged a lot of them, often at times when I was riding alone (for some reason) or I’d tell my ride mates to ride on ahead, I’ll catch up. The photos seem more intentional and planned vs the more spontaneous candid shots and selfies we often see today. I don’t know if I damaged the camera, but the streak of light in the photos adds a quality to the images I don’t think I could have planned. I like it and I’m glad that Kyle likes it too.

I’m grateful to all my sponsors including Golden Saddle and I’m pleased that the photos came out pretty well. I hope these photos might inspire you to sponsor one of my co-workers this year or any one of the members of Team LACBC. In particular, please consider sponsoring Lac Vuong. He’s the youngest member of our staff, a good friend, and manager of our bike valet program. Lac has a heart of gold, he lives, eats, and breathes bicycling, and I think this is the first time he’s had a chance to do a ride like this. Lac needs to raise another $1,500 by the end of this week to do the ride. His fundraising page is…HERE!

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This weekend!!!

We’re going camping with TCB and Salsa!

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MWBA Pancake Breakfast!

Chef Cycles!

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End Childhood Hunger from No Kid

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Taylor Phinney hanging in the alleyway!

“If you want a slice of the cycling scene over here … Golden Saddle is the spot,” Taylor Phinney texts me as a good place to meet.

The Loz Feliz neighborhood bike shop is esoteric to its core, equipped with amazing cycling visuals and the same genuine characters you would expect at your own local bike shop.

Fresh from a tune-up, Phinney’s beautiful BMC cross bike awaits outside in the warm afternoon air, and the Olympian is eager to ride.


“One of the things I will always look forward to in my career is the Olympics. I think about Rio every time I get on my bike”

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Los Angeles Bicycle Festival!