Steamboat Ralleye!

The Steamboat Ralleye from Kitsbow on Vimeo.

A K. Bedford history lesson!

And here’s a super rad K. Bedford that we just built for a customer.

After a two decade hiatus, Kelly Bedford is back to building frames that under his own name. Kelly learned his craft from the Proteus Frame Design Handbook. Before long his work gained attention and with it, a reputation for quality.

In 1987 Bedford took a job with Serotta Bicycles as a full time frame builder. In the more than 20 years he spent with Serotta, Kelly Bedford built thousands of frames in Steel, Titanium and Carbon Fiber. This wealth of experience is one of the reasons we Fair Wheel Bikes was excited to collaborate on a recent project with a Kelly.

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We built up our friend Whitney’s…

20/20 Cycles Kalakala for a San Gabriel/High Desert Research bike tour!

She sweats it out on the back roads of an American Dream, riding through the mountains on a life saving machine. Sprung from the city on a one way line, polished wheels moving her forward most of the time. Whitney let us in, we wanna be your friend. We’ll ride till we drop, and we’ll never look back again.

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LA River Camp Coffee anyone?

Camp Coffee_Vimeo from Golden Saddle Cyclery on Vimeo.

Thanks Ace!

Can’t wait!

Happy Halloween!

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Portland Design Works makes the best videos!

The City Rover™ by Portland Design Works from PDW on Vimeo.

New City Rover should be in store shortly.

Two videos you need to watch!

Grinduro Video!

S1-J Riding Jacket Review at Bicycling Times!

Search and State is a New York-based brand that designs and constructs cycling apparel in the Manhattan Garment District. The line has a level of simplicity that I appreciate, offering a concise assortment of riding basics. A color selection of black or sandstone is complimented by a few solids including gray, navy or olive (men’s only) and the clothing is void of graphics except for a thoughtfully placed SAS logo on a sleeve or a zipper lining.

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