Woody’s new patch…

has found it’s way on to Jeff Frane’s “Cycling” Vest!

A good friend and some familiar bikes…

Hey Hana!


#LASucksForCycling with The Radavist!

My experience with LA was largely shaped by the owners of Golden Saddle Cyclery, who have shown me places I would have never thought existed in a city that carries so many stigmas and connotations associated with that dreaded “car culture.”

Looking back at my last trip to Los Angeles, I realized something. No matter how often I visit, there are always new road rides to tackle, or new fire roads to climb and new trails to hit at high speeds. Whether navigating hobo trails, or freshly cut singletrack on the side of a mountain, my experience of LA continues to expand.

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Brompton Black!

Brompton Black Edition from Brompton Bicycle on Vimeo.

GSC Daycare!

Get excited!


This is great…

if you’re wanting to get into Fat Bikes I’d watch this video!

We need some snow in our mountains!

45NRTH – RIDE GROOMED from 45NRTH on Vimeo.

Open Books “Lost Cyclist” Ride!

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This is just wild!

Vain Vagrant from Ed Oxley on Vimeo.

This could work in Silverlake!