Got our first Tee in today!

I’ll explain a bit later..

Woody’s head just got so big!

We got a national champion on our hands! Individual Pursuit…like a BOSS! Congratulations Woody! .

Save the Date!

More info…HERE! Now this is going to be a good time. We will be car-pooling from the shop, so if you’d like to come reserve your spot now! We will also be releasing a Tracko/GSC/Encino Velodrome Tee on this day…should be pretty sick! Save The Track Bike!.

Support your local bike shop!

By Chris Piascik! I could not have expressed it any better myself!.

More baggage…

The Mission Workshop Sanction Rucksack has finally made it to the shop. Well…besides that one we got early to send to Italy for a little field-testing. And we got one Billykirk frame bag left from our order. Damn…those went quick! .

Bike Talks with Kitty Kat and CoolassMike!

Live from GSC! Video streaming by Ustream I highly recommend fast forwarding to 1 hour and 30 minutes! AMAZING!.

Wolfpack VS Jet Blue!

This is going to be RAD! More info…HERE!.

Getting at least one spin a day!


SB to LA yesterday!

More images…HERE!.


image from…HERE!.