Got our first Tee in today!

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I’ll explain a bit later.

Woody’s head just got so big!

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We got a national champion on our hands! Individual Pursuit…like a BOSS!

Congratulations Woody!

Save the Date!

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More info…HERE!

Now this is going to be a good time. We will be car-pooling from the shop, so if you’d like to come reserve your spot now! We will also be releasing a Tracko/GSC/Encino Velodrome Tee on this day…should be pretty sick! Save The Track Bike!

Support your local bike shop!

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By Chris Piascik!

I could not have expressed it any better myself!

More baggage…

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The Mission Workshop Sanction Rucksack has finally made it to the shop. Well…besides that one we got early to send to Italy for a little field-testing. And we got one Billykirk frame bag left from our order. Damn…those went quick!

Bike Talks with Kitty Kat and CoolassMike!

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Live from GSC!

Video streaming by Ustream

I highly recommend fast forwarding to 1 hour and 30 minutes! AMAZING!

Wolfpack VS Jet Blue!

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This is going to be RAD!

More info…HERE!

Getting at least one spin a day!

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SB to LA yesterday!

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More images…HERE!


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image from…HERE!

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